Bookishness: Week of January 30, 2012

Mister Lonelyhearts Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) recently took over the Huffington Post Books twitter feed to dole out relationship advice in support of his latest book, Why We Broke Up. As one might expect, the resulting advice is clever and wry, but it’s also, in many cases, pretty bang on. Example: Q: “How do you go from being just friends to more than friends?” A: Blind courage, sudden kiss, risk everything, good luck. #DHhelpsU

The poem forest A call to “open poetic space within increasingly cramped, increasingly bottom-line-driven cities.”

Jiggly old photos “Mashing up an important early genre of internet folk art with a nearly forgotten species of folk photography,” the NYPL Labs Stereogranimator provides a chance to play with nineteenth century stereographs (twinned photographs that provide a sense of depth when viewed together) to create animated GIFs (à la the one at right) and 3D anaglyphs (making me wish I had taken the 3D glasses home with me after I saw the last Harry Potter).

Thinking on the screen Last week’s episode of Spark took a look (well, a listen) at the literary history of word processing with guest Matthew Kirschenbaum, with insight into its impact on the creative process from author Susan Swan.

File under coveted Bookish things I am coveting of late: my very own library book truck, and these letter press cookie cutters from Magic Pony.