TRB Podcast: Mike Carey at the 2nd Annual Toronto SpecFic Colloquium

As part of the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium on October 15, 2011, and sponsored by The Beguiling, comic-writer Mike Carey presented a talk entitled “Speak of the Dazzling Wings”: Myth, Language, and Modern Fantasy.”

Listen, and enjoy.

From the SpecFic site:

MIKE CAREY was born in 1959 in Liverpool, England, where both his parents worked in a bread factory and Mike “got [his] first glimpse of hell.” He began writing the Eisner-nominated Lucifer monthly — a story about the devil’s quest for autonomy in a deterministic universe — for DC/Vertigo in 1999 after working on several projects for Caliber Comics and the British the sci-fi anthology 2000 AD. Lucifer has been described as “a work of genius in the dark fantasy genre” and “the best fantasy comic around.” Other writing credits include Hellblazer, Batman: Gotham Knights, Flinch, Sandman Presents, My Faith in Frankie for DC/Vertigo, and Ultimate Elektra for Marvel, and the Felix Castor series. In the introduction to the 2001 collection Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway, Neil Gaiman describes Mike Carey’s stories as “…elegantly told, solidly written” and Carey himself as “…easily one of the half-dozen best writers of mainstream comics and climbing.”