Bookishness: Week of July 30, 2012

Book keeping “To my mother, libraries smell of a Britain waking up from rationing, and induce an extreme and horrifying existential anxiety. ‘Here is Everything You Will Never Read’ shout the dusty tomes. For me, ever the optimist, libraries represent the blissful, undestroyed promise of Everything I Am Yet To Discover.” Susanna Hislop, in an agony of classification.

Dispatches from your pocket Unprotected, by Simon Rich.

2 skirts; 1 pullover sweater; bourbon Emily Spivack on packing lists in literature, starting with Joan Didion’s.

Once upon a bed Bedtime stories in ultra-handy form.

Page to reel Books heading to TIFF as movies.

Summer reading then dancing If you can tear yourself away from your book for any amount of time, head to the Ossington Tuesday night for an evening of readings and dancing put on by Dragnet and Echolocation.

Chamber music at the library The Toronto Summer Music Festival Fellows are playing a concert this Wednesday, August 1, at 12 pm at North York Central Library. Free.