TRB Podcast: John Fraser and The Secret of the Crown on the Eh List


On Thursday, April 26th noted Canadian journalist, author, and Master of Massey College John Fraser talked about his new book The Secret of the Crown: Canada’s Affair with Royalty at the Barbara Frum branch of the Toronto Public Library. The talk was part of the TPL’s Eh List series of speaking events, at which noted Canadian authors present their works in front of live audiences. Fraser’s famed wit and eloquence were on full display, as he wowed a small but faithful audience of monarchist sympathizers, history buffs, and local library supporters. Fraser even disarmed a question or two from an acerbic republican in the crowd, who predictably expressed concerned over the financial costs of Canada’s involvement with the monarchy. All in all, attendees savored Fraser’s irresistible battery of anecdotes, personal portraits, and darling asides about the royal family. Judging from the mood in the room, at least, Queen Elizabeth should have no worries about losing her most beloved former colony anytime soon.
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