Go Home Print has a Message for TRB Readers

With their new quarterly magazine, Go Home Print collaborators Emma Sharpe, Shanley Maguire and Rhodi Iliadou say they “want to create a beautiful printed object that you can hold in your hands.” Sounds good to us. Here’s their message to TRB readers:

Our first issue of Go Home Magazine, which launched in November 2012, had a niche feeling to it, focusing solely on analogue photography. But we want to expand. This time around we’ve opened up our call for submissions for Issue II to include a variety of media. While still keeping a strong emphasis on visuals, print, and design, we want to reach out to you—readers and writers alike, the community that TRB fosters—to add some depth to our pages. We’re looking for submissions of writing, essays, poetry, thoughts, comments, and words that touch on our theme.

The title of issue two is “We’re All Adults Here.” This theme aims to explore, challenge, and discuss the notion of adulthood through explorations and interpretations of growing up (or not). Please email all submissions of visual art, illustration, photography, writing, poetry, typography and design to contact@gohomeprint.ca. Include your full name, contact information, and website as you would like it to appear should your work be selected. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 11th, 2013. 

You can also catch the Go Home Print team at gohomeprint.ca, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.