In Search of a Designer for the TRB Team

The Toronto Review of Books (TRB) is looking for a graphic designer to join its volunteer team.

We’re looking for someone who is familiar with the glittering history of book design and the visual brio of tablets and the web, and who is able to combine those traditions to make bright, fresh, and engaging images and layouts. We’ll ask for your help generating and sourcing images for the articles in our issues, and occasionally for blog posts, too, as well as with laying out PDFs, and possibly print and interactive tablet editions.

We’re excited to find a new collaborator for our diverse and energetic team of writers, poets, web designers, editors, publishers, and broadcasters. We’d love to hear from illustrators, print artists, web and app designers, visual authors, or infographic designers, whether established or aspiring. While none of us receive wages, work with the TRB has helped many of us to find more fulfilling jobs. We’ll be eager to see the right person explore his or her style through TRB work, and we’ll be open to more experimental visual approaches. We think the best work is often independent and we’ll be keen to have you develop designs that reflect your own vision while meeting the needs of the publication and the goals of the team.

We need you to

• be quick and responsive on email,

• commit to spending about ten hours a month on work for the TRB,

• have your own Adobe software,

• feel comfortable with drafting quick graphics, layouts in multiple formats, and ethical image sourcing,

• be at home designing for print, web, and mobile,

• take initiative and bring new ideas to the table,

• make beautiful, eye-catching, timely, and effective designs,

• participate in the life of the publication as an engaged member of the team.

Please apply by emailing Jessica Duffin Wolfe ( a link to a portfolio, a resume, the names of two references, and a cover letter explaining

• what you like about The Toronto Review of Books and/or its visuals,

• what you think we could do better visually, and how you would help,

• what visual skills you could bring to the team, and what sorts of new styles you’d be excited to see the publication take up,

• what you see as your primary visual specialties and interests,

• why you’d like to join us, and

• what experiences have prepared you to contribute effectively.

We’ll start reviewing applications on May 15 and will continue until we’ve found the right person. Please put “TRB Designer” in the subject line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.