Choosing genres, missing art, and Wes Anderson presents the Bible: Bookishness for May 13, 2013

What to expect when you’re expecting a book
“I waited until my first book was published to learn the genre, and when Oprah announced “It’s literary fiction!” just seconds after my pub date, I was overcome with joy. When we found out that I’d written a second book, however, we decided to find out ourselves what it was. A genre reveal party, in which we’d learn the genre of the book at the same time as one hundred of our closest friends and family seemed like a fun way to go!” How to host a genre reveal party.

Look closer

“When first approaching the artwork of Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki it’s entirely possible you might miss it altogether.” (via.)

Point Break as directed by Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Tommy Wiseau, and Joe Swanberg

(I’d also like to see a version by Guy Maddin.)

Speaking of Mr. Anderson


If Wes Anderson wrote the Bible.

Never drop a book in the bath again
Courtesy of a (brilliant) 8-year-old. Although someone still has to do something about wet fingers. (Sigh.)