Fringe, Florence, and the Female Eye: T.O. Events for June 20-July 4, 2013

Book Self-Publishing: Production, Marketing, and Distribution is a crash course for writers looking to bypass the traditional trade publishing route. Learn about design, E-books, ISBN registration, and the legal avenues available to protect written works. 6:30-8:15 PM. June 24. Brentwood Library. Free.

Toronto's Christian Bök. Photo by Greg Peverill-Conti.
Toronto’s Christian Bök. Photo by Greg Peverill-Conti.

The 2013 Fringe Festival is a theatrical spectacular that stages 148 performances ranging from the fearlessly experimental to fresh takes on old favorites. The venues in this year’s Site Specific Art category include a storage unit, a pawn shop, and a laundromat. For educational programming, Fringe holds Tent Talks, a series of discussions on general-interest topics in the theatre world. July 3-14. Various Venues. $5-$11.

Writers Christian Bök (Eunoia) and Kenneth Goldsmith (Fidget) present an unofficial history of the conceptual writing movement. Conceptual literature is characterized by an author making every decision about the text before any words are written. 7:30PM. June 25. Studio Theatre. $15.

The University of Toronto’s Luca Somigli reads Art and Literature in Florence at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century, an illustrated lecture about the Florentine Renaissance. Artists touched upon include the Futurists, the Macchiaioli, and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. 6:30-8:30PM. June 27. Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Free.

"Zang Tumb Tumb" by Filippo Marinetti, founder of Futurism. Photo by Lettera A.
“Zang Tumb Tumb” by Filippo Marinetti, founder of Futurism. Photo by Lettera A.

Since 2001, The Female Eye Film Festival has provided a platform for independent female directors to share their projects with the public. Cinephiles both amateur and professional can advance their careers through panel talks with funders, distributors, and guild representatives. June 19-23. The Carlton Cinema. Free.

The Toronto Urban Roots Festival is a four-day foray into contemporary roots music from the U.S. and Canada. See Arkells, The Hold Steady, Joel Plaskett Emergency, and Atom & The Volumes. July 4-7. Various Venues. $20-$350.

Museums Showoff T.O. gathers professionals in the cultural industries to give nine-minute presentations on the museum-related topics of their choosing. Based on the U.K. series of the same name, Museums Showoff T.O. encourages debate and collaboration between artists, academics, and curators. 6PM. June 27. Museum of Inuit Art. Donations.

The Toronto Poetry Slam returns to the city headlined by Grand Poetry-Slam Champion and Peace Pipe Poetry Sessions founder Jillian Christmas. The night is hosted by David Silverberg. 7:30PM open mic sign-up. 8PM show. June 22. Drake Hotel Underground. $5.