Adam Welch


Time for Another Rewrite: The AGO’s General Idea: Haute Culture, A Retrospective 1969-1994


A review of General Idea: Haute Culture, A Retrospective 1969-1994, Art Gallery of Ontario, July 29, 2011–January 1, 2012, curated by Frédéric Bonnet, organized by ARC/Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris and the Art Gallery of Ontario, catalogue published by JRP Ringier That a major survey of General Idea’s work is only now taking place in Toronto seems a serious art historical oversight...

Knelman’s Hot Art: One Big Game

Hot Art, by Joshua Knelman

Stolen art—like a political sex scandal, corporate meltdown, or celebrity criminal trial—makes for a good story. Behind the thrilling headline of an $80-million Rembrandt heist, however, exists a complex network of thieves, dealers, auction houses and galleries. It is this network that Joshua Knelman traces in Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art. That...