Alice Munro


Nobel-Shaped Literature and the Politics of Prestige


Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature and many people – especially Canadians – are thrilled about what is widely portrayed as an achievement for Canada. I am too in my own way. Alice Munro is a favourite writer of mine and few books have moved me like Who Do You Think You Are? moved me when I first read it in my late teens. I think it is important, though, that we consider what the...

Congrats, Alice! Nation Chuffed by Nobel Win


Hearing the news about Alice Munro’s Nobel win this morning sent many Canadians to their shelves. Munro is an author to read in the morning and the evening, whose work repays frequent visits and recitations years later, and whose voice returns when you least expect it, yes, like a friend from your youth: “So one day Robert carries Flora—for the first and last time he carries her in his...