Anne of Green Gables


Bookishness: Week of February 11, 2013


Trans(it)media “When I started standing on subway platforms and watching people looking at the screens, I realized that the people who watch the screens are mostly commuters who take the same path to work every day and see those screens everyday in a ritualized way,” said Switzer. “An interesting way to reach out to those people would be a serialized narrative where every day on their way to work...

CanLit Canon Review #2: Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables


In an attempt to make himself a better Canadian, Craig MacBride is reading and reviewing the books that have shaped this country. From its very first sentence, which is 148 words long and covers, in part, the evolution of a local stream, Anne of Green Gables is a charming novel, but in an excruciatingly bland way. It’s nice in the same way Niagara-on-the-Lake is nice; it’s a place you take...