The End of an Institution: Saying Goodbye to the Toronto Women’s Bookstore


After withstanding protests, a bombing and two recessions, the Toronto Women’s Bookstore is one tough broad. But on Oct. 9, it was announced that the store would shut its doors for good after 39 years. At the end of November, Toronto will lose a space that has been precious to many. “Harbord street is very quiet from mid-April to the end of August; all the students are gone,” says storeowner...

Michele Landsberg’s Writing the Revolution


Having begun life as, in her own words, “a docile little girl,” Michele Landsberg became a journalist whose descriptions in a 1981 column on female genital mutilation smacked a reader so hard that he fainted dead away while waiting for a flight to arrive at Pearson Airport. That column is included in “Writing the Revolution,” a new collection of some of the 3,000 columns she wrote between 1978...