Violence in our bedrooms and kitchens: A review of Julie Bruck’s Monkey Ranch


Reviewed in this essay: Monkey Ranch  by Julie Bruck, Brick Books, 2012 Julie Bruck’s poems have the transparency of fingerprints on glass. The achievement of Monkey Ranch, her Governor General Award-winning collection, is not obvious. Her third book, it contains poems about rituals and family life–a son at a window, a lover sleeping through the noise of a vacuum–and the simple language that...

Tread Carefully: A Review of Laura Boudreau’s Suitable Precautions


reReviewed in this essay: Suitable Precautions, by Laura Boudreau. Biblioasis, 2011. Laura Boudreau’s debut book release, Suitable Precautions, is a masterfully curated collection of short stories. Her style is unpredictable yet always elegantly delivered. She seems to delight in walking the line between the playful and sinister. “The Party” flits deftly between sociability and faux pas, as...