Diplomacy in the doghouse: Dachshund UN


I am a fully grown adult. At 24 years of age, I read heavy books, pay taxes, drink whiskey and, when called upon, can grow a very serious beard. Even so, I have absolutely no immunity to wiener dogs. I find them highly adorable. In their presence, my insides go all fluttery. I make noises along the lines of squeeeee and g’awww. And it turns out that, in this respect, I am not alone. Dachshund UN...

“Funny Strange”: TRB Tweets Calvin Trillin, Seán Cullen, and Charles Foran on Mordecai Richler


Last night we had a marvellous time live-tweeting “Funny Strange: Satire after Mordecai Richler,” PEN Canada‘s event at the Royal Ontario Museum. PEN Canada President and Richler biographer Charles Foran moderated a chat between the renowned New Yorker author Calvin Trillin and comedian Seán Cullen. Tweets as follows: [View the story “The Toronto Review of Books Tweets...