Antanas Sileika


Hidden in Plain Sight: The Dedalus Book of Lithuanian Literature


Reviewed in this essay: The Dedalus Book of Lithuanian Literature, edited by Almantas Samalavičius (Dedalus, 2013) If Alice Munro’s recent Nobel win demonstrates that writing about small places can illuminate the human condition internationally, then the same can be said of writers working in languages whose speakers are not numerous. The literatures of small countries tend to be backwaters...

Nowhere Land: Writing Eastern Europe in Canada


When I was a child reading Batman comics and Hardy Boy books in the fifties and early sixties, it seemed as if Canada was a nowhere land compared to the United States. Nothing happened here, and never would. If a man had put on a Batman cape in Canada, he would have been arrested. If the Hardy Boys had come to Canada, they would have found no adventures to be had. If Canada was no place, then a...