Sarah Merekar


Canada Reads


Ready, Set, Read! Canadians have until February 6-9, 2012, to work their way through five riveting true-to-life tales that begin with the sound of a pleading political prisoner in a Tehran jail, transform into a revolutionary shout of protest against Pinochet’s rule in Chile, crescendo into the scream of a thousand hockey fans, simmer down to a journey of Canadian musicians and finally descend...

Bollywood-Hollywood: Nitin Mirani at the Lightbox


For 90 minutes last Sunday afternoon, the TIFF Bell Lightbox set the stage for Dubai-based Nitin Mirani who has a history in business but a penchant for the spotlight and yuk-yuks. The comedy routine itself was built around the theme of the clichés of Bollywood and was a veritable pastiche of 70s film clips, skits with co-comedian Crystal Ferrier, and Mirani’s own jokes on sex, Indian “uncles”...

PEN Canada and Eritrea’s Imprisoned Journalists: The Unbearable Power of Speaking


The tenth anniversary of the imprisonment of twenty Eritrean journalists on Friday, September 23rd 2011, might have passed unremarked and in silence had it not been for the efforts of PEN Canada and Ryerson University. PEN Programs and Communications Coordinator Brendan De Caires chose the most pertinent and yet unexpected words of Salman Rushdie to fuel the imagination and catalyse the...