Oil sands, Pussy Riot, and Arnaud Maggs: A guide to the 2013 Hot Docs Festival


Toronto’s twentieth annual Hot Docs film festival begins April 25th and will screen 205 films over eleven days. The complete list is here — but here are a few that caught our interest. The festival will kick-off with director Shawney Cohen’s The Manor, a film about his journey back to Guelph, his home town, to help out through a difficult time at the family strip club. In two films, music helps...

CanLit Canon Review #13: Farley Mowat’s People of the Deer


In an attempt to make himself a better Canadian, Craig MacBride is reading and reviewing the books that shaped this country. People of the Deer, Farley Mowat’s first book, was published in 1952. At the time, the story was already old, but the way in which Mowat told it was new. It’s the story of white people disrupting and ruining Indigenous culture. What Mowat changed was the setting, the...