A Bibliotherapist’s Apothecary: The Novel Cure from A to Z


Reviewed in this essay: The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin (Canongate, 2013) As 2014 commences and with it our lists of things to do and things to do better, here is a self-help book of a different sort. Berthoud and Elderkin have compiled a medical handbook for those who prefer to ease their aches and pains with stories rather than stethoscopes. The authors promise an apothecary...

Bookishness: Week of December 5, 2011

Woman Reading on Sofa

On the couch Rather than plumbing the depths of your subconscious, look, perhaps, to your bookshelves. Bibliotherapy offers a literary cure for what ails; after an in-depth conversation about a patient’s reading life, the bibliotherapist prescribes a reading list meant to address the patient’s “area of curiosity or concern.” Bibliotherapy is offered through Alain de...