Chris Hadfield


Wandering the stacks with space superstars: Bookishness for August 19, 2013


Finalists! “Once again I’m struck by the range of perspectives on the city… A novel and a memoir each tackle questions of identity; a volume of poetry connects an iconic Canadian artist to urban life; a book of photographs invites us to really look at the city around us; and a second novel paints an intimate portrait of a marriage. They all make for wonderful reading, and I congratulate...

Andrei Tarkovsky’s photos, Augusten Burroughs’s boyfriend, and Daniel Pink’s work habits: Bookishness for May 27, 2013


The Economist asks… How does copyright work in space? Tarkovsky’s mysteries The polaroids of Andrei Tarkovsky. Hyperlocal Wayne Chan’s Epicycles of Time won the public vote in the Canada Writes Hyperlocal contest. The grand prize winner will be announced this week. Being Daniel Pink Lifehacker asks Daniel Pink how he works. “Language Police 1, Gay Marriage 0”...