Hipster maps, Penguin Random House’s GDP, and flying typewriters: Bookishness for Jul. 8, 2013


The earnings to go with those tuxedos Countries whose GDP is below the projected revenue of the newly formed Penguin Random House Accio Diagon Alley Unable to transport yourself into the pages of Harry Pottery (or Orlando)? Summon Diagon Alley with Google Street View. Flock or flee as you see fit Yelp introduces a hipster map of Toronto (and elsewhere). Genre-E “Digital has replaced the...

Hipsterizing the Louvre, drawing Mansbridge, and ruling over Legoland: Bookishness for June 17, 2013


This could mean many things. New research out of U of T shows that reading literary fiction makes us more comfortable with ambiguity. Hipsters take over the Louvre Leo Caillard reimagines classic statues as contemporary hipsters. Meet Toronto’s Legolord Legoland is his kingdom. Restaurants where you’d be better off without a date …the better to focus on your book. Ten bookish...