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Bookishness: Week of April 2, 2012


A Slow-Books Manifesto¬†“To borrow a cadence from Michael Pollan: Read books. As often as you can. Mostly classics.” “The refuge of stories.” Steve Almond on grad school as an alternative to therapy. Please please Mr. Postman So much of life allows us (expects us, requires us) to be passive. The letter, though, invites a response, preferably thoughtful. It’s...

Bookishness: Week of February 27, 2012


We all fall down Toronto Public Library has announced its 2012 One Book title: Girls Fall Down. As of this writing there were 187 holds and¬†1015 copies in TPL’s system. Burbling blurbs Undoubtedly being called upon time and time again to provide thoughtful, nuanced and overwhelmingly positive appraisal of other writers’ books in the form of blurbs must get tiresome. A few examples...