Office patois: Business language and what it means to speak it


Ah, business language. It is a concept that gets more interesting the longer you consider it. Native to the office environment, it is a linguistic transition that individuals in a professional setting just automatically consent to as a group. They engage in a mass translation of simple everyday thoughts into a jumbled creation of formal language that no one really speaks outside of a cubicle...

Have We Dreamed so Big?: A Review of Rebecca Rosenblum’s The Big Dream

Rebecca Rosenblum's The Big Dream

Reviewed in this essay: The Big Dream, by Rebecca Rosenblum. Biblioasis, 2011. Have we dreamed so big, only to awake small, suburban and fragile? Rosenblum’s collection of linked short stories is a chronicle of the disappointments of waking/growing up, only to find that the golden palace of your dream is a squat, square low-rise commercial building in Mississauga, and that your prince on a white...