Bookishness: Week of April 16, 2012

MZD seeking future cat lady Literature and online dating collide.

The case of the missing words A blind author wrote 26 pages with a pen that was out of ink, leaving her with nothing but blank pages. Well, a little more than blank pages. The woman and her family took the sheets of paper to their local police station, where the forensic team helped to recover the missing words. Delightful.

“Simple basics for winter: a wool cheerleader skirt,” Lucky magazine does not ever say. Emily Gould on how to spend (er, how not to spend?) a $200K book advance.

“Making the book an object of desire” The Casual Optimist talks to book designer Jennifer Heuer.

Hip hip Our third issue launches tomorrow, much to our collective delight. Join us tomorrow evening (Tuesday, April 17) at Poetry Jazz Cafe in Kensington Market to celebrate. Poetry, jazz, sparkling conversation, and booze – what more could you ask for? Oh yes, there’s a patio. 8 pm till late, free.

Summer reading Know any promising minds looking for something to occupy their summer hours? The TRB will soon be sending out a call for interns. Who needs Paris when you have books? Related: the Paris Review’s suggested summer reading list for undergrads-to-be.