TRB Issue Three Now Live!

It’s here. TRB’s Issue Three woke up in Toronto early this morning and decided to stay, bringing flamboyant style and irresistible appeal to a city already awash in charms. To take appropriate notice of this new arrival, join us tonight, April 17, at Poetry in Kensington Market, 224 Augusta Ave, 8pm on.

Why not read TRB Issue Three while biking to work?
As with all our issues, we’re excited to be including recordings of many of our authors reading their pieces. Bookmark our podcast page for more TRB audio, or look for our feed in iTunes.

Issue Three
April 17, 2012

Old Codes for Modern Woes: The 2012 Old Farmer’s Almanac
by Lucan Van Meer-Mass
Listen: [audio:issue3/vanmeermass.mp3]

Short Forms: When Social Media and Short Fiction Intersect
by Shawn Syms
Listen: [audio:issue3/syms.mp3]

The Civil Side of Genocide: Christopher Powell’s Barbaric Civilization
by Katherine Wilson

How Faber and Faber’s iPad App Rescues T. S. Eliot’s Masterpiece from the Waste Land of Print
by Adam Hammond
Listen: [audio:issue3/hammond.mp3]

Darwinian Wonder
by Simon Reader
Listen: [audio:issue3/reader.mp3]

by Moez Surani
Listen: [audio:issue3/surani.mp3]

Disappearing Bookstores: a Letter from Sweden, Toronto, and Iran
by Shahram Khosravi

The World’s Greatest Art Museum is in Hobart, Tasmania
by Peter Smiley
Listen: [audio:issue3/smiley.mp3]

Trombone Shorty and the Three Jazzes
by E Martin Nolan
Listen: [audio:issue3/nolan.mp3]

On “Combative Love”: Q and A with Helen Oyeyemi
by Melissa Patterson

Ask Me Anything: The Hive-Mind Interview, or, How Reddit Perfected the Message Board
by M. Irving