Bookishness: Week of May 7, 2012

Frankenbooks Inkle’s just released Frankenstein, an interactive novel/mobile app, may have descended from the Choose Your Own Adventure stories you checked out of your school library every Thursday morning, but the resulting work is one marked by an unexpected artistry and nuance, according to early reviews. Salon’s Laura Miller says of the… novel/app/thing, it “is a creative, subtle and sensitive adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novella, and it has singlehandedly renewed this critic’s hopes for interactive fiction.” Elsewhere, Claire Armistead weighs in on the interactive reading experience.

Meanwhile, back in paper-bound books From the Slate Book Review, a look at another iteration of the Choose Your Own Adventure genre, this time in paper but no less a step forward: Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You Are Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life.

Mediocre Bad first drafts A bit of hope for writers, in the form of heavily marked up first drafts that went on to become great books. I will pair this with my recent favourite quote on writing, from Rita May Brown: Never hope more than you work.

Save those drafts Someday they might sell for €40,000-€50,000 (as two pages of a draft of The Little Prince are expected to do).

Full Frontal TO See Toronto’s faces (in building form) at Wednesday night’s launch and exhibition for Patrick Cummins and Shawn Micallef’s Full Frontal TO, “a street level visual history of Toronto”. Wednesday, May 9, Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 117, starting at 7 pm. RSVP to

Samadhana 2012 Benefit Reading Series Author Anand Mahadevan hosts the second night of readings in the Samadhana 2012 Benefit Reading Series, presented by Sri Lankans Without Borders, this Wednesday evening, featuring readings from from Orange Award-nominated author V. V. Ganeshananthan, Gratiaen Award-winner Isankya Kodithuwakku, and actress/poet Meena Serendib. Wednesday, May 9, 7-9:30 pm, 221 Yonge Street. Tickets are $30.