Bookishness: Week of June 4, 2012

OWS v. NYC Occupy Wall Street has filed a lawsuit against New York City for the destruction of books and equipment from the People’s Library seized during an overnight raid last November.

Short bursts of story The New Yorker recently published a short story by Jennifer Egan in a series of tweets over the course of ten nights. Of her experiment with serialized fiction for the Internet age, Egan says: I found myself imagining a series of terse mental dispatches from a female spy of the future, working undercover by the Mediterranean Sea. I wrote these bulletins by hand in a Japanese notebook that had eight rectangles on each page. The tweets are being compiled on the New Yorker’s blog.

20% of 2011 YA covers featured a model whose head was mostly/completely missing YA author Kate Hart, “alarmed at [YA fiction] covers’ monochrome approach to models” spent the last year charting the breakdown of race, gender, and more across the 624 “traditionally published” YA fiction titles released in the US in 2011. Her findings.

The Life and Work of William Butler Yeats A trip to the National Library of Ireland becomes doable over your lunch break with their interactive online exhibition The Life and Work of William Butler Yeats.

Luhrmannified Gatsby A word to describe the recently released Great Gatsby trailer: sumptuous. Another two: slightly overwhelming.