Bookishness: Week of August 13, 2012

!! I once decided to entirely abandon use of the exclamation mark. This lasted until I got an office job and realized that my refusal to use the offending punctuation would likely lead my colleagues thinking me humourless if not plain mean, and they would never invite me for expensive lattes in the afternoons. I preserved some dignity, however, by refusing to succumb to the charms of the emoticon. I must save something for the day I have children and need to send emails to other parents about play dates.

Hankie in hand How to read a Victorian Novel.

Days and days job A city of staples, built in 40 hours. No mention is made of whether the artist completed this project while they were meant to be doing other work like, say, collating.

Kickstarted The pitfalls of getting more than you ask for.

Joe Harawira: Maori Storyteller Toronto Public Library and Planet IndigenUs present Maori storyteller Joe Harawira, this Monday at Morningside and this Tuesday at Spadina Road (2 pm).