Oh Hello SummerWorks! Win tickets to Ajax (por nobody)

Ajax (por nobody)

Huzzah, Toronto—SummerWorks festival begins tonight! We’re looking forward in particular to Sean Dixon’s France, or the Niqab, inspired by one of the beloved Tabatha Southey’s columns, as well as TRB contributor Zack Russell’s staging of the famously “unstageable” Ajax (por nobody) by Alice Tuan. In Tuan’s play, which promises sex games, water fights, and pomegranates, “Four people get together for a night of fun, but the party quickly turns destructive in this explicit dark comedy. The title (Ajax) refers to both the Greek tragedy and the household cleaner.”

The TRB is raffling two tickets to the 2pm performance of Ajax (por nobody) on Saturday, August 18. Tweet us (@torontoreview) your other favourite Ancient Greek tragedy household cleaners by August 15 to enter the contest.