XVII, from The Minutes

Let’s begin:

Come man know your span sing

wilde curcles with no circumference

where even the birds cannot pass

an emptiness that contracts to a point

no count is sure, there is no point

to the act if you already know

what will come to pass passes, bird-

brained song man you know too well

accounted for contracts the self.

Odi et amo— Carolina

Jessamine & honeysuckle—

lanceolate feelings— itchy contra-

diction— sappy, swell!

You’re as rare

as a world

of sound

in which

things occur

unused in


you occur as

the unused

sound of


in relationship

to a world

in which

you occur

as the world

of sound

in love



is rare.

The facts are not strange to each other.
I’m a fact no stranger to you
than am I for you.
Meeting adjourned.