Be kind to your librarian, send a telegram, and sue Lady Gaga: Bookishness for June 24, 2013

How not to be a dick to a librarian
“Don’t tell us you can ‘just Google it’ or find everything you need to know on the Interwebs. We hate that.”

Still alive STOP

The telegram industry is – well, maybe not booming, but certainly still kicking. (Image via.)

Not born that way?
French artist Orlan sues Lady Gaga.

Poets at the movies
“My favorite scene from a movie is the early library scene in Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire, in which the angels move through the library amidst the overlapping murmurs of the thoughts of the people reading and thinking. Reading in the library, like the watching of a film, is a solitary activity shared with others. Reading to ourselves, however, is not a silent act, and Wenders reveals this. The rich internal lives of the humans seeps up to the surface, reminding us of the wonder beneath the skin of silent reading.” From But What About the Soul: Poets at the Movies (Part 1).

Emerging writers emerge from their cocoons
“Once each fall, the Established Writer deposits an egg on the bark of a poplar tree before flying off to drink himself to death or severe mental impairment. Through the winter, this flea-sized egg undergoes a miraculous transformation, albeit one unseen by most.”