Reading while drinking, attracting readers, and sending from iStuff: Bookishness for July 22, 2013

Reading more than beer bottle labels
“The reality is, going to a bar alone and ordering a drink doesn’t have to reek of sad, lonely cowboy syndrome.” BlogTO rounds up Toronto’s best bars for reading while drinking.

Come Sit By Me: A Literary Alternative to Missed Connections
“An idea started to gel. Maybe if I’m choosy about what I read on my longish interborough commute, the right guy—one with superlative taste who’s curious enough to make a move—will be drawn to me by the tractor beam the open book in my hands emits.” Elyse Moody looks to attract bookish suitors on the Hairpin.

Here be Dragons
Wired recently launched Map Lab, their “quest to find, explore, and make maps.” It is an already incredible collection of stuff mapped, including these stereotype maps.

A farewell to your chances
“Between a murder-for-hire trial and an annual look-alike contest, surely Hemingway, a perfervid admirer of ‘grace under pressure’ would choose the trial.” A Tampa judge (somewhat charmingly) denies a lawyer his motion for a day off to attend the Ernest Hemingway Look-alike Contest.

Mobile-Device Email Signatures: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know
Here is a list of devices from which you, dear readers, claim to send emails: Commodore 64, carrier pigeon, homing pigeon, courier pigeon, fountain pen, rotary phone, hammer and chisel, tin can via the string network, typewriter, abacus, Apollo Guidance Computer, Atari, car phone, shoe phone, 1984 Samsung car phone, difference engine, Game Boy Color, IBM Selectric, pocket rocket, Remington SL3, souped-up TV remote, steam powered digital telegraph, TI-83 Plus, TI-89, toaster, UNIVAC, Coleco Adam computer, Moleskine notebook, Pony Express, Skynet, space age phonograph, and smoke signals.”