Meet bibliotherapists, millionaire librarians, and time traveling photographers: Bookishness for September 16, 2013

A prescription for loneliness
“Books that fill you with friends are… great – such as Robert Graves’ I Claudius. And Emil Zola’s Rougon -maquart series, 19 novels, which will fill your mind with an amazing population of characters!” Maclean’s takes a look at bibliotherapy.

Millionaire, librarian, and my newest hero
An Ohio librarian secretly amassed a small fortune (perhaps what she saved by borrowing rather than buying books?) which she then left to the library on her death.

The time traveling photographer
20130913-OldNew-CrossingToronto photographer Harry Enchin plays with time in his current exhibition of cityscape mash-ups, Toronto Time.

Who said it?
Taylor Swift or Chuck Palahniuk? (A shockingly challenging quiz.)

The strangest little podcast in Texas
Well, the Texas part is up for debate, and strange is dead on; little, though? Not anymore. Welcome to Night Vale, the #1 podcast on iTunes you didn’t know existed.