Fresh Blood and New Words at The Toronto Review of Books

I’m thrilled to announce that The Toronto Review of Books is opening a fresh call for submissions and contributors to mark the arrival of two new staff members.

Novelist Damian Tarnopolsky is joining us as Managing Editor, and CanLit scholar Katherine McLeod comes on board as Poetry and Community Editor. Damian is the author of the novel Goya’s Dog, and the short fiction collection Lanzmann and Other Stories. He is a seasoned literary critic and editor, and he teaches writing and literature at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Katherine McLeod is an expert on the performance and broadcast of Canadian poetry. She teaches Canadian Literature at Concordia University and is writing a book about poetry on the CBC.

With these new collaborators, our team is excited to start a new phase for The Toronto Review of Books. We’ll be exploring new editorial avenues and possibilities for events, workshops, and partnerships, as well as maintaining our tradition of publishing “intermittent writing about print, Internet, e-books, street corners, festivals, songs, thoughts, Toronto, and other artworks.”

The pace and character of this new adventure will depend in part on what you readers and writers send us next. So—submit! We want your smart and novel perspectives on what books and other things in the world can tell us.

Please use this form to pitch us on particular books you’d like to review or topics you’d like to explore, to forward us completed essays or poems, or to register with us as a potential reviewer. We look forward to your thoughts on what this next stage of The Toronto Review of Books should unleash.


Photo taken at Fika by Patrick Tomasso.