TRB Podcast: Bonnie Mak at the TRB’s e-Reading Symposium


On March 31, Bonnie Mak delivered the keynote address at the TRB’s e-Reading Symposium, presented in collaboration with U of T’s Book History and Print Culture program and the Toronto Centre for the Book. Her lecture, entitled “Reading the ‘E’ in E-Reading,” examines the impact of new technologies on reader engagement and the future of the book. Listen and...

Puzzlejuice for All: The Geniusy App-Shaped Offspring of Tetris and Scrabble


Ever since succumbing to Toronto’s latest exceptionally cough- and delirium-ridden flu a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been more than a little taken with Puzzlejuice, a new iOS app I discovered on my iPad during a long day bored out of my feverish brain in bed. Like the geniusy offspring of a steamy arcade interlude between Tetris and Scrabble, the bright charm of Puzzlejuice brings out...

e-Reading! An Interdisciplinary Toronto Review of Books Symposium on March 31 at Massey College


Join The Toronto Review of Books at Massey College next Saturday, March 31st for the interdisciplinary symposium on e-Reading we’re hosting in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s program in Book History and Print Culture and the Toronto Centre for the Book. All are welcome to attend what promises to be a fascinating afternoon. The program is as follows: E-Reading An...