Edward Keenan


Stars, Sistahz, Ed Keenan, and Thomas King: T.O. Events for May 23-June 6, 2013


The largest event of its kind, the CONTACT Photography Festival brings together local and international artists at over 175 venues across Toronto. This year’s theme, Field of Vision, focuses on how photography affects imagination and our apprehension of the everyday. May 1-31. Various Venues. Free. Just like its name, rock.paper.sistahz is a dynamic, multifaceted festival that celebrates the work...

DNA poetry, thinking like Sherlock, and defining Toronto: Bookishness, Jan. 14, 2013


The little questions “What does Toronto even mean? What kind of city is it? What kind of place do we want it to be? That’s the big question, isn’t it?” – Edward Keenan, Some Great Idea. While you think about how you might answer the big question, try your hand at answering some little questions with the Some Great Idea quiz. Investigation underway at TPL Check out the...