DNA poetry, thinking like Sherlock, and defining Toronto: Bookishness, Jan. 14, 2013

The little questions
“What does Toronto even mean? What kind of city is it? What kind of place do we want it to be? That’s the big question, isn’t it?” – Edward Keenan, Some Great Idea. While you think about how you might answer the big question, try your hand at answering some little questions with the Some Great Idea quiz.

Investigation underway at TPL

Check out the Toronto Reference Library’s exhibit on Sherlock Holmes, after fact gathering from a Q and A with curator Peggy Purdue. You might get more out of it if you first learn to think like Sherlock Holmes.

Catch the poetry bug
“After 11 years of working on what he’s dubbed “The Xenotext,” Bök is close to creating the world’s first living poem. A short stanza enciphered into a string of DNA and injected into an “unkillable” bacterium, Bök’s poem is designed to trigger the micro-organism to create a corresponding protein that, when decoded, is a verse created by the organism.”

Books for Girls
These are books that — like Girls – explore what it is like to be young and hungry — hungry for love and hungry for sex, but most of all, hungry for recognition and hungry for adulthood.”