Goldstein’s Novels of Ideas: Saul Bellow’s Herzog


This piece completes a series of reviews highlighting philosopher-novelist Rebecca Newberger Goldstein’s list of the best “novels of ideas”. Saul Bellow’s Herzog (1964) was ranked first on her list. Herzog is an excellent contender for the top position on a list of novels of ideas. It was instantly heralded as a literary “masterpiece” when it was published in 1964, and won Saul Bellow his second...

Your Ideas for the TRB


In her introduction to The Toronto Review of Books, editor Jessica Duffin Wolfe noted, “The conversation about reading is happening in the street. We’ll be there from Toronto, scattering what confetti we can in this international thoroughfare.” She meant it. Two Sundays ago some of the TRB crew set up on a street corner (Queens Park Crescent E. and St. Joseph St.) to converse...