Your Ideas for the TRB

In her introduction to The Toronto Review of Books, editor Jessica Duffin Wolfe noted, “The conversation about reading is happening in the street. We’ll be there from Toronto, scattering what confetti we can in this international thoroughfare.”

She meant it.

Two Sundays ago some of the TRB crew set up on a street corner (Queens Park Crescent E. and St. Joseph St.) to converse about reading (and much more) at Word on the Street, the annual celebration of reading and writing. Wanting to take advantage of having so many of  Toronto’s bookish types in one place, we toted along our Idea Board (which made its first appearance at our launch party), soliciting ideas from passersby. While a certain few hurried away (the excuses plain on their faces: But it’s a Sunday. It’s warm out. I’m here to hear about your ideas, please don’t make me think too hard), a great many took a moment to share what they’d like to read about in (or write about for) The Toronto Review of Books.


The ideas we pulled out of the envelopes at day’s end matched the people we met: intriguing, funny, smart, and just generally delightful. Here are a few culled from the pile.

Food Labels

Reviews of Book Blogs

Portraits: How about highlighting lesser known Toronto personages - both historical and modern? - good opportunity to redress some of the wrongs done to the more marginalized contributors to history & culture.

I'd like to read about science + graphic novels + cyberculture.

Night Market

I think you should review "What is the sound of someone unravelling" available through Borealis Press as of October 19 (Poetry Book)

Can Con Where it's been where it's going

We’ll be sharing more of these as the weeks go by, and if any catch on your curiosity, hear the call (of at least one reader) and write up your thoughts. Also: add to the idea pile, whether or not you come across our stunning silver polka dotted idea board on a street corner near you. Comment, tweet, send us a postcard: all ideas in all formats are currently being accepted.