Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood, The Word on the Street, and The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival: T.O. Events for September 12-26, 2013


Author Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes) meets fans and discusses his upcoming Massey Lectures (Blood: The Stuff of Life) at CBC Live at The Toronto International Film Festival. 12:30PM. September 12. 250 Front Street. Free. Need a painting? Itching for a new wardrobe? Does papa (or mama) need a brand new bag? The Liberty Village Art Crawl has over 40 artists in these categories as well as...

Atwood’s BookTweetables No. 1


The Toronto Review of Books is thrilled to present Atwood’s BookTweetables: a biweekly selection from Margaret Atwood’s matchless Twitter feed. 
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Al Purdy, cabin porn, and Dachshund UN: Bookishness, Feb. 4, 2013


“What will become of all of you? What will you do with no good movies?” Richard Kramer writes about Pauline Kael. Book to film “I find that a lot of my best character stuff and ideas come unwittingly from novels… [Y]ou get to learn how to make good backstories in your own head, without needing to share them with anybody. You can just know stuff about your character that...

Post-apocalyptic collaboration: A review of Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman’s The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home


Reviewed in this essay: The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, by Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman, Wattpad, 2013. “I dabble in modernity,” Margaret Atwood joked to George Stroumboulopoulos when pressed to explain her recent foray into online self-publishing on Wattpad. Wattpad is a YouTube for digital scribblings, a free online database where writers can instantly upload and edit their own...