Bookishness: Week of March 12, 2012

Keep calm and watch this video You’ve seen it everywhere: mugs, notebooks, and, of course, posters. Keep Calm and Carry On. But where did it come from? Sure – England, the war, but there’s more – including one of the most charming book shops I’ve ever seen. The story of Keep Calm and Carry On. (And my own favourite spin-off.)

A new writer’s market Aunim Hossein on why the video game industry needs writers (one can only rescue so many princesses before the storyline gets tired).

Putting the Pinter in Pinterest Or trying to. Also, you can now pin a quote (created by a Torontonian, hooray).

Where is he now? Bret Easton Ellis spent Saturday working on ideas for an American Psycho sequel. On Twitter (and he wants your help). Apparently the modern Patrick Bateman loves Kim Kardashian and “is oddly sympathetic to Kirk Cameron.”

Book hounds Think you might have a problem? You’re not alone.

Confessions of a book fiend, by Grant Snider.