Buyer becomes victim: When online piracy protection abuses users’ rights


Over the past couple of months, a number of rather odd confessions of piracy have been appearing on Twitter. “How about we all stop using pirated iOS apps? I promise to stop. I really will. #softwarepirateconfession,” they declare, much like a kid reluctantly apologising in the principal’s office. But for many of the supposed repentants, the confession came as a surprise. They, like Jenn Frank...

Bookishness: November 12, 2012


Worth more than a thousand words Litographs: the entire text of classic books printed on 24×36. Here’s Around the World in 80 Days:   The Smithsonian home for wayward books Inside the Smithsonian’s Book Conservation Lab, where rare books are adopted into a loving family. #love “This bit of utilitarian Web ephemera, invented with functionality squarely in mind, has...

Bookishness: Week of March 12, 2012


Keep calm and watch this video You’ve seen it everywhere: mugs, notebooks, and, of course, posters. Keep Calm and Carry On. But where did it come from? Sure – England, the war, but there’s more – including one of the most charming book shops I’ve ever seen. The story of Keep Calm and Carry On. (And my own favourite spin-off.) A new writer’s market Aunim Hossein...

On Reading Fast and Slow


Some people count the number of books they read in a year. I only kept track once, in 2006, my final year as an undergraduate in English at the University of Toronto, and did so only out of curiosity. I wanted to know how many works of literature my professors had tried to stuff into my skull, and how many novels I’d managed to sneak in for pleasure. I forget the final count, but it was an...