Hobo-inspired art, cartoons of the past, and the world’s prettiest libraries: Bookishness Jan. 28, 2013

Art in the time of the Hobo Code

Inspired by the artwork left on train boxcars by rail riders of years past, Troy Lovegates, AKA Other, has been creating art in public spaces for over two decades.

On Feb. 7, Other’s work will be on display at the AGO as part of the gallery’s First Thursdays series.


Peeking at old doodles

Canada’s past, seen through historical editorial cartoons.











So the weather could be worse, right?

Toronto’s coldest ever temperature was -31.3 degrees C, recorded on Jan. 4, 1981. Check out this and 49 other obscure facts about our fair city, compiled by a diligent blogger.


Library fantasies that don’t include the librarian

Flavorwire counts down the 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world. You may recognize the stacks of the New York Public Library from Ghostbusters.