Musical hockey, the dark side of kitsch, and classic Canadian TV: Bookishness, Jan. 21, 2013

MOCCA is alright

Starting Feb. 1, Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art will be showing “ARE YOU ALRIGHT? New Art From Britain.” The exhibition’s works portray “allusions tothe grotesquely beautiful and explor[e] the darker side of kitsch… reveal[ing] a trend of disillusionment with contemporary British society.” Find out what all that means with a perusal of paintings by Boo Saville, one of “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”’s featured artists.



…And a 50 year legacy

“In just two seasons between 1964 and 1966, This Hour has Seven Days staked its claim as the most defiant and controversial program in Canadian broadcasting history.” Think of it as Colbert meets Murrow, Mansbridge meets Mercer. The recent death of series creator Douglas Leiterman put this seminal news/satire program back on the front page. Indulge yourself in nine bilious, groundbreaking  episodes at the CBC Digital Archives.


The best game you can name

The NHL is back, baby! Celebrate the pucksters’ sweet return with this swingin’ National Film Board short that marries old time hockey with Herb Alpert-style horns.

Blades and Brass by William Canning, National Film Board of Canada

Peter Goffin is the Managing Editor of Chirograph.