Eudora Welty, Veronica Mars, and ghostwriting Sweet Valley High: Bookishness for Mar. 18, 2013

“Imagine, superimposed on the gray-and-grainy screen of a floundering, slightly depressed twenty-something, the shimmery outlines of an idealized adolescent world. All drawn—I just had to color it in. I could pick any colors, as long as they were pastel!” On ghostwriting Sweet Valley High.

“At least I want to see a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie — I can’t say the same about the next ‘Hobbit.’”
Kickstarting Veronica Mars.

The next page
Now that Google Reader is on its final chapter, here’s a crowdsourced document listing alternatives.


“I suppose you’d be more interested in even a sleight-o’-hand trick than you’d be in an application for a position with your magazine, but as usual you can’t have the thing you want most.” A 23-year-old Eudora Welty applies to work at the New Yorker. (Image via.)

The shock of epiphany
“To constantly inspire breakthrough conceptual thinking, my wife and I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, religiously, every Sunday.” (Via Good’s Building Blocks of Citizenship.)