Advice: Bookishness for September 9, 2013

For coffee nerds of the ages (book nerds, too)
Ask the past: How to make instant coffee.

Read, read, read

“It’s no secret that great writers are great readers, and that if you can’t read, your writing will often suffer. Similarly, if you can read but have to move your lips to get through the longer words, you’ll still be a pretty bad writer. Also, if you pronounce “espresso” like “expresso.””

This, and other secrets to writing “better than you normally do.”

The ABCs of life online
Should social media sense (common or otherwise) be covered at first year orientations?

Possibly more important advice for freshmen
Amanda Palmer’s advice on how to love yourself, physically and mentally.

And even more advice, from the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

“Wear the right clothes, attend a well-squeegeed church, and project seamless consistency and competence across every department of your life—you know, be yourself.”
The ins and outs of personal branding, from The New Yorker.