Reading in 2013, pennies, and the physics of getting James’s peach airborne: Bookishness for Jan. 7

New Year’s Read-olutions
Everyone around seems to be setting reading goals for 2013. I’m aiming for what now seems like a measly 100 books, held in comparison to Jeff Ryan’s 366 books in 2012. Alternatively, you might resolve to read less.

The best Canadian designs ever
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom The Canadian Design Resource, a list of the top 100 Canadian designs of all time (including this, one of the 1967 Centennial Coins designed for the Canadian Mint by Alex Colville).

Kickstarting Fearful Symmetries
“The business of publishing is rapidly changing. It’s always been hard to sell non-themed anthologies, but in today’s publishing climate, it’s especially difficult. This project is close to my heart, which is why I’ve decided to appeal to the public through Kickstarter in order to fund it. This is an experiment.”

How many seagulls would it take to lift James’s giant peach?


2,425,907. (Illustration by the enchanting Karen Watson.)