Food pairs, podcasts and the Game of Thrones cookbook: Bookishness for Mar. 4, 2013

Point 1: Be okay with chaos
The 12 trends that will rule products in 2013.

Dinner is coming
Recipes from the official Game of Thrones companion cookbook (including Dothraki blood pie).

Pantone Pairings

Still hungry? Check out David Schwen’s food #pantonepairings on Instagram. (Then, you know, eat something.)

Gamify Your Life
EveryThing gamifies everything! Did you just wake up? +5 points! Did you shower? +10 points! Did you take care of your duties using a Kohler® bathroom fixture? +20 points and a valuable coupon! As you always suspected, the value of your life is quantifiable, and for your every action there is an equal and apposite reaction: POINTS! (From Gamify Your Life, by Lucas Klauss.)



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  • I actually did gamify my life for a little while and it worked quite well! Habit Judo []. You get a random number of 1–10 points for every one of your habits you do each day, and lose a random number for every one you don’t. I was flossing, reading an article and writing something or other all the time in no time! There’s even an Android app [].

    Unfortunately I somehow lost the Habit Judo habit and my dentist just called to remind me it’s time for a follow-up appointment…

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